Black Brand ブラックブランド メンズレザージャケット 【Men’s Spontaneous Human Combustion Jacket】 Size:M [BB3369]

Black Brand ブラックブランド メンズレザージャケット 【Men’s Spontaneous Human Combustion Jacket】 Size:M [BB3369]

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・ Premium-milled, top-grain cowhide leather
・ 1.1 to 1.3 mm thick hide
・ Zippered/perforated vent system
・ Top quality YKKR brand zippers
・ Special sublimated 37.5 liner

Size:M [BB3369]

Do you have the guts to wear the Spontaneous Human Combustion jacket? Willing to tempt fate and wear a jacket that pays tribute to those that have simply burst into flames? The Black Brand Spontaneous Human Combustion jacket chassis is made from 1.1 to 1.3 mm, premium, milled top-grain leather. It is boldly embroidered with blood-red flames and our signature skull. Details include embroidered Spontaneous Human Combustion logos on the shoulders, Black Brand skull on all the snaps and rivets and top-quality YKKR brand zippers and an incredibly cool venting system. Inside the jacket, you are challenged again. You have never seen anything like the insides of the Spontaneous Human Combustion jacket?the liner is made from 37.5R?the best moisture- and odor-wicking material in the industry?sublimated with crime scene photos from Spontaneous Human Combustion investigations! These are gruesome images that are not for the timid. Also inside is a one-of-a-kind label, the story of Spontaneous Human Combustion. This is a limited edition jacket, made for the few who have what it takes to wear a jacket this powerful. Once you own this jacket, you’ll know the surprise it offers?if you have the guts.

※Purchase benefits our injured returning vets thanks to our partnership with Homes For Our Troops.